Lifecycle engineering and critical support across complex systems and networks.

Systems Modernization

Program Support Services

Designing and managing complex systems and secure network operations is more demanding now than ever.  It’s important to sustain a mastery over rapidly evolving technology along with the operational and logistical business processes leveraged by this technology. New programmatic opportunities must be identified, engineered and delivered. Greater value must be relentlessly inserted and dozens of business process and engineering disciplines integrated across the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to quantify and lower costs, reduce risk, optimize logistic footprints and make systems easier to support. These mission mandates are embedded in everything we do at Tuvli. And the successful results can be seen across the federal government in critical implementation of C4IM, C5ISR/IT, Cyber Security, Integrated Logistics Management (ILM), Data Center Buildout and Force Readiness Support.  The result: superior program outcomes and long-term mission success.


David Rue
General Manager


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